Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I can sew with this?

Have you ever walked into a fabric store and felt overwhelmed?  There are so many different types of fabrics available for projects that unless I know exactly what I am working on I walk out with too much, too little or fabrics I never use.

Here are some great sites that feature cute fabrics, ideas for how to use them and even tips for sewing.

We first discovered oil cloth with our Receipts Organized? Check! post.  Since then we are always looking for new ideas and tips.  Here are the cute fabrics they feature.
They also have great tips on how to sew, here is just one:
Be sure to check out their site for more tips and fabrics.

If you aren't already, you will be after seeing the many great ideas from Old School Acres and the mastermind behind them Laurie.

I am secretly hoping my husband sees this and orders me one for next Christmas.  

Also, who wouldn't want to have a cute hat like this?

I have never scene laminate fabric used for anything other than a picnic tablecloth.  After seeing this creative use for laminate fabric at Pretty Ditty, I am excited to find more non traditional uses.  Plus she has great tips on how to sew with laminate fabrics. (This blog also gave us the Fabric Bead Necklace)

Do you have any projects with an unusual fabric?  If so let us know we would love to feature them!

Last week's poll results showed that purses/bags, quilts/blankets & clothing were all tied as the favorite sewing projects.  

Be sure to vote in these weeks poll.  If you have an idea for a poll send and email or leave a comment and we may use it and will give you the credit!


  1. I used it for the lining of a diaper bag that I made... & a matching changing pad. It's easy to just wipe clean so I thought it was perfect.


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