How It All Began

I don’t consider myself a seamstress because sewing scares me. Yes, it scares me. I’m too afraid of making a mistake I can’t undo. But every once in awhile I see something way too cute that I know I can sew myself. So, I face my fear, consult my mom for guidance (also lots of encouragement and often time assistance) and begin to sew. I’ve successfully made basic purses, ring slings (I even sold one!), place mats and diaper caddy’s. However, I have never followed a pattern. I can’t even read one.

I truly appreciate the art of sewing. It is my favorite area in the crafting world. My eye is always drawn toward handmade, sewn items. I was browsing in H & M the other day and spied the most adorable diaper bag slung over the shoulder of a young mom. Of course I approached her and asked about the bag. She happily let me look at it while explaining it was made for her by a friend. I praised the bag and acted as if I knew exactly how her friend had sewn it all together. I had no idea, but it made me want to make one.

I am surrounded by so many talented women who are constantly whipping something up on their sewing machines; many times for me. Combine my constant exposure and love of handmade, sewn items with the inspiration from a newly created blog by a dear friend of mine (oh and my desire to be a famous blogger) and I knew what I had to do- create my own blog featuring handmade, sewn items from talented women all over the web.

As soon as I came up with this blog idea, I also knew that I had to have an expert seamstress as my partner; a person I could turn to when I didn’t understand a sewing term or wanted to quench my curiosity about something sewing related like how fabric is made. How fortunate am I that one of my closest friends went to school for fashion design and is passionate about sewing?! Eva.

Eva loved the idea and before we knew what was happening, our site was up and running.


  1. =}
    Who would have known? I am the same way. I think of these awesome tutorials to make. {sometimes even actually drawing them out} and then contemplating on whether it's too hard to make because I am too scared of cutting the fabric wrong or something crazy...
    thanks for the post...

  2. I clicked through to your site today from Cluck, Cluck, Sew's blog. Reading this "how it began" from you made me a little sad, and also made me want to be your cheerleader. YOU CAN do it, too. There are plently of women (and men) out there who are sewing beautiful things even though they might not be as smart as you, and/or they may not have the resources and support system that you get from having a mother and friends who sew. You need to get over that fear that is holding you back. I know what you mean about the fear of ruining expensive fabric. If you're dying to try sewing, why not try baby steps with ugly, free or almost-free fabric? Jeni of In Color Order started quilting with old sheets she found at thrift shops, and look where she is now -- designing her own fabric line and having her quilts regularly published in magazines.

    Each type of sewing (home dec, garments, quilting, handbags, crafts etc) has its own set of supplies and basic information when you're getting started. So, you admired that diaper bag? Start out by making a simpler tote bag style, then gradually move up to more complicated designs that have more pieces, zippers, pockets/compartments etc. Same thing with garment sewing -- start with an apron or a fuller skirt, something where fitting isn't as crucial and you can just get comfortable with the basic procedures and order of garment sewing. If you want to learn to quilt, just get a couple of 1/2 yard pieces of different fabrics, and instead of putting the pressure on yourself to "make a quilt," just say "I'm going to make ONE BLOCK today, just to learn how to do it, and it is never going to turned into anything!"

    When I wanted to learn quilting, I didn't know anyone else who sewed or quilted. I bought a book called "Quilts! Quilts! Quilts!" that goes over EVERYTHING you need to know to get started, and you just start with one of the easier blocks at the beginning of the book. You can get this book at your library, I'll bet, or on Amazon here:

    I think it's great that you're promoting other women's creative work, don't get me wrong, and you certainly are a talented blogger. I just hope that, sooner or later, you will realize that there are NO QUILTING POLICE who will break down your door and arrest you for mistakes or breaking rules. There aren't even very many rules, just suggestions from others as to what works best for them. I can tell by the way you write about other people's sewing projects that you yearn to create with fabric as well as with words. And, when you finally do screw up the courage to dive into sewing for yourself -- I hope (and know!) that you will find that your life is enriched by the joy and satisfaction of finding and expressing the creative spirit within.

    Hugs from a stranger,
    Rebecca Grace

  3. Rebecca,

    Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. I truly and honestly appreciate it. Since starting this blog I have sewn a skirt for my daughter (not from a pattern though- haven't tried that yet), upcycled a diaper stacker into a dress, made quite a few purses and did a quilted duvet cover. It was indeed stressful, but they all turned out great. And I had my friends and Mom right there for me if I needed help. However, I stopped sewing for awhile because I went back to work full time and my husband was working out of town, so life was too busy. But now I've moved and am a SAM again and am planning to start sewing again. Tomorrow actually for my Plumtickled Create Craft Club. :) But all of my sewing friends and Mom are over eight hours away now, so it's time for me to be brave and do it on my own. And you know what, I'm ready. And excited. Your post was timed perfectly. So, if you want to stop by now and again, I'll be posting my projects. Here's to a new creative future!


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