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We know you love seeing all of the wonderful sewing creations we feature, but we also thought it would be nice to let you know we can sew (one of us more than the other) too! 

I have been on a baby gift sewing kick.  Here are a few photos of the finished projects. The last three items on my list are quilts to finish and I am excited to share them with you once they are tied and the binding done.


The Easy Peasy Whirly Twirly Skirt from This Mama Makes Stuff featured in one of our Sunday Spotlights.

And my mom made me a dress out of this same fabric when I was a little girl!

Does that make it vintage?


My first sewing project since starting this blog:

For the full tutorial, click here

My fabric flower is a little different, but only because I couldn't quite sew together the ones in the tutorial.  I'm going to keep trying though!


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  1. Love the cute projects! The twirl skirt is adorable, and I'd say it qualifies for vintage. ;)


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