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Despite my first experience with sewing being a complete disaster,  I fell in love with sewing, design, textiles and everything fashion & costume related when I attended college.

Over the years I have designed & sewn wedding dresses, formal gowns, up-cycled used clothes, fabric design and even dabbled in quilting.

I do wish I could spend my days sewing, but not yet.  I spend my days working full time in Real Estate. Outside of work and sewing, my hobbies include reading, movies, cooking and gardening.

My biggest fan and supporter is my husband.  We will be married 9 years this coming August and within weeks of that our first child will join our family. We are in for a new adventure and I am glad to have him by my side as we enter parenthood and the joys it will bring.

Life currently has us in Southern California enjoying the weather and taking advantage of the many benefits of the oceans, mountains, city and suburbs within 2 hours.



Sewing is a talent I admire. I have sewn a few things here and there, but I don’t consider it my talent. To read more about my small, mad (yes, I pulled out some 1980’s slang) sewing skills, read the “How It All Began” page on our blog.

When I’m not browsing the web and adoring the sewing projects of others, I spend most of my time being a mom.

Daniel is my firstborn and he is my best friend. Sometimes I think he is older than he is and even older than I am, but he’s only five.

Then there is Coral. She will be three very soon and has all the mood swings and temper tantrums of a girl. I am so grateful she likes to cuddle because all my frustrations with her melt away in those moments.

And I can’t forget my third child . . . my husband. He’s my balance with his carefree personality. We’ve been married for 7 1/2 years and I’m grateful he’s been by side through all of my many ideas and new adventures; this blog being one of my newest.

And what do I do when I’m not playing the role of mom or wife?

Here are just a few things:

• Studying and preparing for my monthly Sunday lesson at church.

• Playing volleyball.

• Reading any good fiction book I can get my hands on.

• Volunteering as a Nevada Co-coordinator for Postpartum Support International.

We currently reside in Las Vegas, Nevada and I am not looking forward to the blazing heat this summer. I guess I had better stay inside and blog about cute sewing projects!

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