Monday, March 22, 2010

Sew It For Y.o.u.r Baby

Introducing our very first Feature Week!

"Our first feature week will be next week and the focus is....All About Fabric. We would love to hear from you on some sites that sell, make or design your favorite fabrics. Leave a comment or email us at and we will feature them in some way during our theme week!"

On to today's feature . . .

I go running with my childhood friend of 24 years a few times a week.  I push my baby girl (who's almost 3!) in the jogging stroller and she has her baby run alongside her. 

Her baby is a 140 lb St. Bernard puppy.

Maybe instead of chasing cats on our runs, he'd like to chew on one of these toys made by Anna.  Or he might destroy it.  Either way, he'd have fun with it.

Visit Anna and Regina (who has sewn some amazing things as well) over at Crafty Girls Workshop.

As for last weeks poll, the most picked choice was "other" for pincushion shape.  Who knows?!  Maybe you don't even use one!  Tomato/fruit shaped pincushion was next and then the square shape with only three.

Check out the new poll "Your Favorite Thing to Sew!"

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