Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Spotlight

Another week, another fun Sunday to spotlight another talented person!

This week's Sunday Spotlight is a recent find for me that I was really excited to not only spotlight but get to know, drum roll..... it's Ellen of Sewn!

I discovered Ellen and her site from another blogger known as CJane and feel indebted to her.  I not only got the chance to interview a talented artist but feel like I made a friend too.  Hopefully on her next trip to Southern CA we can meet up in LA and drool over the amazing fabrics and fashion :)

In talking with Ellen I was able to see her love of sewing and learn more about the talented woman behind the clothes.  She is currently a BYU student majoring in Clothing Design and Textiles, will graduate in August and she has always loved clothes. 

1.  When did you first start sewing and why?
I first started sewing two years ago when I took a summer sewing class to pass the time while my husband worked.  I fell in love with sewing and changed my major.  I liked knowing I could sew my own clothes, helping myself and others with the skill.

2.  What is your favorite sewing creation you have ever made? 
My Floral coat. It made me realize that I am a good sewer and has given me a lot of confidence in my ability.  The fabric is from New York, a cotton sateen that is impossible to find in Utah.  It is fully lined and I love it.
3.  Do you have one thing that inspires you?
I don't have one thing specifically that inspires me.  I do find inspiration mostly comes from viewing magazines.  I pull photos and store them in a file and go through it at least once a month.  Moments of inspiration don't come without doing research and trying ideas, even if they fail.  You can see how designer's rely on each other for inspiration.
4.  When you are not sewing, what do you do?
Sewing is my hobby and the "thing" that I do, but when I am not sewing I am watching movies, spending time with my husband, or thinking about sewing.  I also love to cook and it is a way I express myself.
5.  Name some blogs you frequent.
I check Have a Cute Day (a fashion blog),  CJane & Nie Nie each day.  I am still just getting into blogging so I don't check that many.
6.  Who is your favorite designer and why?
Oscar de la Renta, Valentino & Kate Spade.  I love ruffles and details in designs, simple dresses in amazing prints. 
7.  If you could pick any other fashion era to have lived what would it be?
Definitely the Victorian Era, it is my favorite.  The cameos, bows, accessories, everything about it I love.  I don't see it to be an era of stifled sexuality but one that is ultra feminine.  I am excited to make Victorian children's clothing for my future kids.

Now for pictures!  Here are a few of our favorite (and hers too) designs.  Everything on her site is 100% original deisgns form start to finish by Ellen.  She also believes that anyone can be a designer, it just takes hard work.  That is motivation for me!

First up the gorgeous lined coat.  So colorful and cute.  
PS, if you are wondering how would I wear something like this; jeans, cute colorful shoes and a simple top is just one way!

Here are two shirts she designed and made.  I love the details!
Simple, cute and stylish!
Here is just one of the cute dresses she has made.  I love the sleeves and bold print.

Check out her site to see more of her original creations as well as the process behind them. She even has a post about her machine, a Bernina Activa 240 (we are machine twins!)

I look forward to see her future originals as well as her own line that is in the works.  The plan is for some postpartum dresses that are comfortable, stylish and accessible for nursing moms.  Who wouldn't want that!

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