Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wallet Wednesday

Easter (along with Spring) is in the air and all over the stores.  I suppose with how busy I am, it's been nice for the reminder of the upcoming holiday.  Especially since my son started talking about how cool the Easter Egg hunt was last year with clues leading to each new egg.  Oops.  I'm not so sure Mrs. Easter Bunny would have remembered that tradition this year if he hadn't mentioned it.

Have you figured out yet what my virtual shopping trip is for today?  Easter outfits!  I love getting my children all dressed up for church on Easter in their new clothes.

I thought I'd start looking for my daugter first. 

Isn't this knot dress way too cute by Addison Ava?!  Green is my favorite color and the material is just lovely.

And this crazy, cute dress by Lil Sprouts Clothing Co.

And I am simply in love with this blue beauty from Two Monkeys Designs.  I do get tired of pink sometimes.

And now on to some shopping for the boy.

This is the matching outfit for boys from Two Monkeys Design.  I love the casual, yet coolness of it all.

And since five year old boys are just a little bit harder to shop for, an array of ties is the next best thing.  These sweet looking ties are made by Jojo Beth Design.

Happy Hunting!  For eggs or for Easter Sunday clothing.

And yet again, mom thinks of the kids, but not herself.  Any suggestions for my Easter dress?


  1. These dresses are SO darn cute! I need to make some. Soon!

  2. Love the colors of the knot dress! Arlene


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