Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wallet Wednesday

"Don't forget next week will be our first feature week and the theme is All About Fabric! We would love to hear about your favorite sites that feature everything fabric, from dyeing and staining to appliques and transfers. Anything that alters the final look from just fabric and we will feature it during the week."

Now on to Wallet Wednesday!
If you don't want to make it, why not buy it from someone who did?

This week in our home we are focused on reading.  It is "Reading Week" at my son's school and the principal has challenged the students to read a combined 60,000 hours.

I've been thinking about some ways I can help my son get motivated.

1. A trip to the library for some fun, new books.

This library bag by Polka Dot Duck (sewn in boy fabric) would be perfect to fill up with books and to keep track of his library card, which we can never find.

2. Of course he'll need a bookmark so he can stop and take a break.
Isn't this one just too cute for a boy?!  And there are more to choose from in Blue Manatee's shop.

3. Keep track of his reading hours.

I know he'd love this notebook from Dizzy Little Dotty to write down his reading hours.

4. And then maybe a book cover so he can carry along the book he is reading wherever we go.

Made by Lilly Blossom.

I love to read.  I remember as a little girl curling up next to my dad while he read.  I would always try to read as fast as he did, but I could never make it to the end of the page before he turned it. 

Now my little ones curl up next to me while I am reading.  And my husband urges me to read each night before bed because he knows I will scratch his back while I read.

I hope my passion of reading passes on to our children.


  1. wow...thanks so much for including my bookmark clip in your feature today! I'm honored to be included!

    Love the assortment of items you included for every type of reader:)

    warm regards,


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