Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wallet Wednesday

My little girl is turning three this month.  I cannot believe how fast time flies.

She was a surprise blessing and I loved every second of her time as a newborn.

I had postpartum depression with our first baby, so with her I was able to experience the joys of motherhood for the first time.

My husband is a surfer, so we agreed to name our first daughter Coral.  How ironic that she loves Ariel and all things mermaid.  So, for her birthday, I thought I'd see what is being whipped up over at some Etsy shops.

Seriously, I don't know what little girl wouldn't love these hair clips over at Lili Bug Boutique.  I can't stop looking at the details.  They're amazing!

And I know she would love this Mermaid Rag Doll by Jaffajaf.

OMGoodness!!  These capris by Forever Young Boutique are adorable!

Isn't this just perfect for dress-up?!  Made by Carolina Creations Too.

And a purse made by Oh So Retro.  You can never have too many!


  1. Hi Vanessa, thanks for the feature. I hope your little one has a lovely birthday :)


    Jaffajaf Designs

  2. happy birthday from one april birthday princess to another!

  3. Debbie- you are most welcome! And thanks for the well wishes for her birthday. Now I just have to get it all figured out before the actual day. :)

  4. Those clips are BEYOND cute!

  5. Wow I love those princess ribbons, well I don't personally but I know a certain three and half year old who will be wild over them.


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