Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wallet Wednesday

Weather in California can be unpredictable and with the end of April just 2 days away I wouldn't be shocked to see April Showers go into May this year :)

With that thought in mind why shouldn't we still be stylish when in rains.  

I LOVE the color of this rain/trench coat.  It is the work of Just Kitsch and it even fold up into itself.  Cute and compact!

It may be April but here are May flowers on this gorgeous rain coat.  Farapinalia's choice of red poppy's is perfect for Spring!

This water resistant rain coat is perfect for any fashionista, especially the ruffles! This is a great coat designed by Chez Kevito 

With rainy days that are light enough to not need an official coat but something to perk up the outfit and prevent frizzy hair, go with this darling cloche hat by Moaning Minnie

I couldn't help but add this last adorable shirt from Stutter and Sing's shop.  It may not work to protect you from the rain but it does represent a rainy day!

I hope you enjoyed our trip today and are ready for any last rain this spring season!

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  1. I love the Poppy Coat & the red one as well! TOO CUTE!!


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