Monday, May 24, 2010

Anything Goes Right?

So for my anything goes Monday I wanted to share something close to my heart that I learned from an amazing woman, Grams (aka Fran or Greta Garbo)

Doesn't she look spunky.  I feel blessed to have 8 years of memories with her a part of my life.  When I became engaged to the hubby in 2001 my dad received a job offer out of state and moved 2 weeks later.  My mom wanted to follow after the school year but didn't want to leave me homeless for 2-3 months before our wedding.  Grams and Grandpa Ed offered their home and I lived with them from June to August and they helped me adjust to joining a new family.  After we got our first apartment in the fall we spent every Wednesday evening having dinner with them and continued to after Grandpa passed away July 2003.  We actually lived with Grams for a few years until she passed away last year on May 19, 2009.  She is my grandmother in every sense of the word and I feel so lucky to have the experiences, memories and lessons she taught in my heart forever.  One fact about her is she was an amazing seamstress and crafter.  She made beautiful quilts, towels, dolls and even made my mother-in-laws clothes up until she was married at 23! I have two projects she taught me before her health failed that I will treasure and plan on making for our kids and family to carry on her memory.  One I wanted to share with you today.  

So here is a tutorial for the Grams Baby Quilt (it's my first tutorial so let me know if you have any questions!) 

1 1/2 yard of a printed baby flannel
1 1/2 yard of a solid baby flannel to coordinate
1/2 yard each of a cotton blend quilting fabric in 2 coordinating solid colors for the border.
Yarn to tie the quilt
Batting (baby crib size usually works, 45" x 60")

First step is to cut 74 squares that are 3 inches by 3 inches from each of the cotton blend quilting fabrics. You should have about 150 squares total.  A tip for quick cutting is to cut rows 3 inches wide the length of the fabric and then stack a few rows and cut into squares.  A rotary blade and cutting board make this so much easier. 

I always square my fabric by lining the selvage edge on a straight line and trimming the bottom edge (seen below my ruler) off.

Here is it squared and ready to cut into rows.

Each row should be 3 inches and you will need a minimum of 5 but cutting 6 gives you a few extra on hand if you need them.

Now into 3 inch squares:

Here are the finished products!

Next is the most time consuming.  You iron each individual square in half twice to form a small triangle with a folded edge:
1st fold...
2nd and final fold...

Here is what it looks like unfolded:

On to sewing finally!

Pin the triangles with the open bottom side to the edge of the right side of the printed baby flannel fabric alternating colors and then sew on.

Pinning the triangles

Alternate the colors

Then sew them on:

Here is what a corner should look like

Once the triangles are sewn on, sew the backing and top together (right sides facing) with the batting on the wrong side of the fabric (can be the backing or top print)

Use the pillow case method and sew all around the edge but leave at least 12 inches to turn the fabric out.

You can either hand or machine stitch to close the quilt but hand stitching does leave a more finished look.  

Once closed use yarn to tie the quilt and keep the batting in place.

Here is a finished quilt
(yes it is different from the one above... more on that below)

Here is a closer shot of the edging and corners.

I apologize in the different quilts.  The first is still in the process of being finished (Grams left it unfinished).  The finished quilt is one of the last Grams made and actually the one she made specifically for us to have for our first child.  It makes it all the more special knowing that a year later we are going to be able to pass on to our son his very own Grams quilt to love and cherish.

So for this Monday is my first tutorial and in complete honor of a woman who we miss each day.  
To Grams, a year has passed but you are ever in our hearts.  May we continue to make you proud and never forget what an example and spunky lady you are!


  1. this is such a sweet post, thank you for sharing. love the quilt!! definitely going to give it a try!

  2. love this! arent grandmas the best?

  3. Oh how sharp looking! Thanks for sharing!


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