Friday, May 28, 2010


So this Friday's post showing the finished product of the Singer Flat Iron Travel Case has been moved back because....Vanessa has hijacked the blog!  Keep reading because she is awesome and has a good reason to.  A hint is it must be Grandma's week.


A year ago today, my grandmother passed away from breast cancer.
I miss her.  A lot.

She and I had a special bond.
I'll admit it . . .  I was one of her favorites.

Along with the special attention, she also gave me her bubble butt, hips and Native American cheek bones.

Thanks Grandma.

When she wasn't working as a nurse, we spent our time together shopping or dining.  Every year for my birthday, she'd take me out for new clothes; a tradition she had continued on with my children. 

Shortly after starting this blog, my mom gave me my grandma's sewing box.  I never even knew she could thread a needle!

I love the vintage thread and especially the ones made with Styrofoam (not great for sewing machines.)

Quite awhile ago, I also acquired an old sewing machine in a desk complete with accessories thru her.
This was my very first sewing machine.  And it still works.

I love the 50's look of it.

They don't make sewing machines like this anymore.
It is heavy!

The accessories are almost the best part.
Yes, those are electric scissors.

And because her great grand babies were the light of her life . . .
This is what my little one was doing while I was taking pictures.

Pretending to take pictures!
Too funny.

Love and miss you Grandma!


  1. i miss my grandma (nana) all the time too. they are special people. i do love your machine!

  2. I learned to sew using my grandmother's sewing machine and still use her old sewing box and notions. It is nice having that part of her around.


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