Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Something For Myself

I must be in a selfish mood lately because all I want to do is go shopping for myself.

Maybe I'm burnt out from school and ready for summer.

I always think I need a new wardrobe when it starts heating up (and cooling down), but the kids get the new clothes.  Not me.

So, I'm virtual shopping for myself today!

And I'm in the mood for some new shirts.

Classic black with some ruffles for day or evening by Lily.
She has so many cute shirts and dresses in her shop!

This little ditty by Floremark looks super cozy.
The red accent very cool.

I live in Las Vegas.  It gets HOT during the summer.
This tank looks cool and cute.
Ellaina's Boutique is filled with fun stuff.

This virtual shopping trip wouldn't be complete without a little sewing bling on a shirt.
Moxie Madness has a great variety of shirts and they are all fantastic!

Now go out and buy yourself a shirt.  I dare you.
I just might. ;)


  1. I love all the shirt photos you posted, the one with the spool of thread is great fun. I feel much as you do and have been in shopping mode lately and purchased clothing just for me. Like you, I was worried I was being selfish, but I think maybe it's okay to do this for ourselves right now.

  2. Love them all, especially the ruffles!


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