Sunday, May 2, 2010

Turning Three & Spring Bling

I'm hijacking our blog.
(Shh . . .  don't tell Eva.)

As some of you may know, my little girl turned three on Thursday.

I view so many sewing blogs on a daily basis, so I was inspired to sew a lot of her gifts.

Now that she has seen them, I'd like to share them with you with a little help from her as my model.
(Sorry if you have already seen the pictures on Facebook.)

Butterfly Theme Party = Butterfly Cupcakes
(Yes, I made the cupcakes.)

Her big, brown eyes get me every time.
(And her.  Made her too.)

Beautiful bracelets she can put on all by herself.
These bracelets were sew simple.
I cut the cuffs out of felt with pinking shears and added some sticky Velcro for closure.

I cut the green flower parts out with a Cricut and then sewed on the button.

For the multicolored flower, I cut a strip of fabric and hand sewed a stitch along the bottom.  Then I gathered the fabric into a flower, made some stitches to hold it together and sewed on the button.

Final touch: added a circular piece of felt to the back of each flower and then hot glued them to the felt.

This next one is my favorite flower.
I have a tutorial in the works for this one, which I happened to make by remembering someone else's tutorial incorrectly.  You've got to love it when something works out by doing it wrong!

I hand cut these flowers because the first batch of wool I bought will not work in a Cricut.

This flower was made the same as the one on the bracelet above and then I attached it to a fabric beaded bracelet.
I made this bracelet in five minutes.  Let's just say, it's not my favorite.
But the tutorial I made it from is wonderful.  I can't tell you about it just yet because it's being featured this week.

And my ruffled hobo sack, which I made using Made's fabulous tutorial.
This is my favorite of all the things.
(If you have any questions about anything I made, please email me.  This was a quick post.)
Now it is time to sew Mother's Day gifts!

But don't forget. . .  This week is . . .
Spring Bling!

Lot's of goodies to spoil yourself or your mom!

Here's the breakdown:

My Spotlight Monday
The spotlight is a surprise, but it's full of fun accessories!

Accessories to Wear

Accessories to Buy

Accessories to Hold

Accessories to Giveaway!!!
(I promise, this is one giveaway you will not want to miss.)

No Sew Accessories


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  1. Very cute birthday gifts & I love how the cupcakes turned out!!!


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