Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wallet Wednesday

Last week was our Spring Bling week and we have an awesome Give-Away sponsored by two cute shops that are all about cute accessories still open.  You have a chance to win one of The Shabby Shack's gorgeous necklaces or a Mom Beach Bag from Half a Dozen Daisies!

Enter the Give-Away by leaving a comment HERE.

I have the travel bug.  Who knew at 6 1/2 months pregnant I would be bit by it? So I hope you enjoy these great travel finds as much as I did.

I am flying late at night both times so I am in need of a cute pillow.  I love the fabric on the Travel Pillow below made by Sygnet Creations

Maybe with this Travel Eye Pillow by Lavender Aromatherapy I can look as refreshed as a celebrity when I get off the plane :)

No international travel this year for us but I could see this cute passport cover by Gracie Designs getting some use next year (we hope)!

And if you are traveling with little ones this I Spy Pillow by The Pint Size Cove would come in handy to occupy a little one during long car trips or flights.

and I love the added journal pocket on Exclusively Handmade's Travel pillows!  This Dora one is adorable.

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