Wednesday, June 16, 2010

All about Dad!

Today's Wallet Wednesday has gone to the Dad's. 
Here are a few cute gift ideas that I thought were unique and there still is time to shop for this weekend!

If the Dad you know is an avid reader (like my husband, brother, in-laws and dad) this Fabric Patchwork Bookmark from Soft & Cozy is a perfect gift option.

I love how unique the angled wallet from Archer Ave is!  Perfect for Dad's who like to keep things simple!

For the Father's out there who love the fun shirts here is a take on the matching ties.  Isn't Simple Joys Studio's Matching Ties shirt for Dad & son cute!

Here is a great option for a unique Father's Day Card.  I love the details 30one adds-down to the keys and masculine buttons.  They even offer to insert a custom photo!

Happy Shopping!

Father and Mother Days have always been celebrated in our home by honoring the people in our life that have been an example to us, whether or not they have children, and especially those we love who have passed on.  We wish all men a Happy Father's Day and I hope they realize that they have made a difference in at least one person's life and someone out there is honoring them. 

To all out there whose father's who have passed on they are remembered and deeply loved, their example lives on in your family.  Last to those who don't know or haven't the relationship with your father, this weekend I challenge you to honor those in your life who gave you the example you needed-male or not.

Please leave a comment to honor that someone or many that you think of on Father's Day!

I think of my dad, grandfather's, uncles and husband and am grateful for the examples they have been to me.

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