Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bees oh My!

Originally I had planned on something for Graduates since it is June but our house has become a beehive-literally-the last 5 days so today is bees.

Here are some cute versions of Bee items to remind me that they aren't horrible bugs that keep me out of my house but cute and useful too!

Who wouldn't want a bee like this in their home?  I love the Miss Bumble Bee Tutu from Strawberrie Rose.

This hive and bees are adorable and safe-created by   Who knew that there was a way to play with bees without being stung?  Check out more items from Mahalo 

This bee inspired diaper cover and headband is a cute way to "bee" adorable, thanks to Stacy Bayless.

Applique bees are "sew" cute and not a worry about being stung.  Here is a cute shirt by The Rocking Pony.

I feel a little bit better about bees after today's Wallet Wednesday. 

After 5 days, over 100 bees in your house, two hives and two trips by a pest control company it makes for a grumpy husband and a evicted pregnant wife.  Thankfully it should be over today and bees are cute - if sewn :)


  1. Thank you for including my Little Miss Bumble Bee Petti Tutu

  2. oh no! that many bees? when the kids ask if i like bugs i always answer, "as long as they{the bugs} are outside." but these are pretty cute finds.


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