Thursday, June 10, 2010

Booties for Baby

I just love looking at baby shoes.  They are so small and cute.  If we were having a girl she would be a shoe hoarder instead of a purse hoarder...

Here is a tutorial by Aimee at HomeSpun Threads for her Kimono Shoes.
Aren't they cute!


  1. Hi Eva!! The shoes are lovely and I can see my little Aila wearing them. Thank you for the nice post and the delicate ideas you always bring. Bela.

  2. i liked that these weren't that hard to make. of course, i omitted the "applique adhesive" and the fusible fleece.

    trickiest part for me, besides the actual sewing the wrap piece to the sole, was that i had printed the directions in black & white and hadn't noticed before re-opening the tutorial directions tonight that they use a green fabric for the inside to both pieces and the print for what ends up being the outside. i had used 2 different fabrics, but the fabric for both sides of the soles matched & used a different fabric for both sides of the wrap pieces.


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