Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"I'm Buying a Tooth!" Tutorial

My son started losing his first tooth a few weeks ago. 
(Someone please tell me, how long does it take for those things to fall out?!)

Well, a few days ago, I started panicking about his tooth.  It is going to get lost under his pillow and I will be a failure as the Tooth Fairy! 
 Do you realize how unbelievably SMALL baby teeth are???

So, I came up with a "Tooth Fairy Pouch" he can put his tooth in.  And it even has room for the Tooth Fairy to slip in some money.  Whew.  Problem solved.

I'll be doing a "Tooth Fairy Pouch" tutorial today instead of Wallet Wednesday.  Hope you don't mind.
I am buying a tooth after all!

Here is what I whipped up in 20 minutes with the fabric I had on hand (everything else is too girly):

Start with two pieces of fabric:
1 3 x 4
1 3 x 5

(I cut mine to 3 x 6 in this picture and had to start over.  Oops!)

Cut out a T and an F.
Place on the smaller piece of fabric and sew on.

Sew a 1/4 in. hem on the top of both pieces.

Place the longer piece of fabric down first with the shorter piece on top of it, right sides together.
Make sure to get this next part right or your flap won't be in the right place.
Fold the bottom fabric down so it is even with the top piece, then put it underneath the top "TF" layer.

Now sew a 1/4 in. seam around all three sides.  Make sure you don't sew the top closed!

Cut the corners and flip!

And there you have it!  My first tutorial!

There are so many possibilities with this little pouch. 
I thought it would even make a great gift card cover!
And for a little girl . . .  don't even get me started.

I had to keep it simple for my little boy or else I'd hear it from Hubby.  Oh men!

Hopefully that little tooth will make its debue soon.  And now it won't get lost. :)


  1. Funny you should mention this. I was thinking about doing a pouch like that too. Actually my idea was to make two identical ones. One that I would already have money in so I can just slip under his pillow and the other I would just simply take with the tooth. My son has two loose teeth and I'm just waiting for them to fall out.

  2. I have a friend who is a doting father. When his only child lost her first tooth, he gave her a $20 for it!!! This rapidly backfired as he and his wife had another baby... and another.... and another... and another. 5 kids! And the family standard is $20 a tooth! These kids should have enough stashed away for college by now.

    Thanks for the great tute! I'm saving this for the day my eldest gets her first wobbly tooth. :)


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