Monday, June 7, 2010


Happy Monday!

Before my trip to Texas (which was a blast!) I was a sewing queen and finished a few of my many sewing projects.

That was until my needle broke and I found out I was out of spares. It had to happen at 10:30 PM on a Saturday so of course no place to buy any then or the next day (we don't shop on Sundays).  I was pretty bummed but a friend who has a Bernina gave me an address and a spare so once I can kick this glucose test induced exhaustion I am going to be back on the sewing saddle. 

Here is one of my favorites I did finish.  I have worn them each at least once and I love how comfy they are.

I did take an easier route and buy the fabric pre-smocked at JoAnn's.  

All I did was sew the side seam and had a dress.  It is perfect to fit my ever growing baby bump.

This Friday marks 30 weeks along so I better get a move on and finish the quilt (I will do a tutorial of my pattern as I go along to share with you) as well as the other cute projects...

Anyone finish a project lately?  Or starting a new one just in time for summer?


  1. I love that fabric! I made the black and red one last week and can't wait to get more of it! So easy!

  2. Ijust made me some pj shorts! Love 'em! Love the dresses too I made me some shirts like that when I was prego! :) Quick and easy!


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