Monday, June 21, 2010

Sewing for Cinderella

Sewing for a theater production has turned out to be quite a bit different then I expected.  There's no need for little detail embellishments because no one will see them and you really have to think about what it will look like from the audience.

You may not be interested, but I'm still going to post pictures of the finished products with musings of the process.

Number One
"Cinderella's Apron"

The costume designer wanted the apron to be blue.  I already had the perfect fabric in my stash, but I had to come up with a design.  So, after consulting with Eva, I was ready to get to work.

I used the Quick Apron Tutorial from Make It and Love It and added a few embellishments.

In my mind, Cinderella's apron needed to look worn.  At the same time, it should seem like she took care of the apron the best she could.  So, I added a few patches for the worn look and a pocket outlined with cream and topped with a ruffle for the "I try to make it look pretty" look.

I didn't hem the bottom in hopes that it would fray, but when it didn't, I had to take scissors and cut a tear.  That was really hard to do.  Even while sewing, I didn't catch some material in the pocket hem to give it a tattered look.  It was almost unbearable for the perfectionist in me to not go back and fix everything, but I think it turned out great for its purpose.

Cinderella in her dressing room.

An even closer look . . .

Number Two
"The Fairy Godmother's Bag"

After I offered to make Cinderella an apron, the costume designer asked if I could also make the Fairy Godmother a bag for her wand.  As soon as she asked, I knew I was going to make the Hobo Sack from MADE.  It's the fourth one I have sewn and I love it more and more each time. 

But this time, I was going to be using organza and taffeta.  Yikes!  I have NEVER, EVER sewn with these materials before. . . EVER.  (Did you get that?  Just wanted to make it that part clear.)  Time to call in my moral support- Mom.

Before I headed down to my trusty sewing companion's house, I fished through my sewing box for some embellishments.  I couldn't spruce up Cinderella's apron, but I could definitely spruce up the Fairy Godmother's bag and make it fun.  I had bought a pack of clear, sparkly bobbles (that is what I call them anyway) awhile ago to use the round ones for a fabric necklace.  A few of the left over tear drops would be perfect.

Sewing with organza wasn't too hard.  It was sewing the taffeta to the taffeta.  Slippery!
But, I was remembering the 80's and thinking maybe it is time to bring taffeta back.  It's kinda cool.

We made the Hobo Sack bigger to fit the wand and only put one grosgrain strap through the casing.  So, on one side is the strap with an added bow and on the side are two bobbles.

I LOVE IT!  And am secretly jealous of the Fairy Godmother, but I really don't know what I'd use the bag for . . . church maybe???

With the photo glow effect . . .

And without in all its shiny taffeta glory.

To finish. . .
A picture of my little mouse with the Fairy Godmother.

Tonight, I finally get to sit and watch the whole show with 12 of my family members.
I am so excited.  It is going to be so much fun.
One more week!

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  1. Yay!!!! Vanessa to the rescue! Everyone was so busy with soooo many things, your help was mucho appreciated! And they came out GREAT!

    Cinderella ;-)
    (Wait... I think I am back to being Casey again. hehe.)


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