Tuesday, June 11, 2013

An explanation....

So I have been MIA for a bit but there are reasons behind it.  Let's go back to March.  In March to mid April I had a huge project that took all my spare time.  What was this project you ask?  Well one of our Ohana was married in the Los Angeles Temple.

Arent't they a cute couple?  

Well I was so busy because I made her three bridesmaids dresses AND her wedding dress.  This wasn't my first wedding dress (its my fourth) but I have decided that with me working full time wedding dresses are too time consuming so only a few people that are still single will be able to pull me out of wedding dress retirement for the time being.  You can check out more gorgeous photos by the talented Kristi HERE.

(Her wedding dress was 5 layers in all with a pleated tulle bodice, that was a miracle in itself!)

I mentioned before that The Hubby is a composer' well he worked with the creator of Dweller and the original soundtrack was finally released.  Along with that came the launching of a collaborative video game and media scoring venture with a fellow composer. 

Then to make life even busier we moved!  It is probably no more than 2 miles from our old apartment but we love the extra space and are in a new city and zip code.  With the new place came my own sewing and art space for the first time in years so many more projects are getting done now that we are fully moved in and settled.  The first projects were more home based and I will post pictures this next week of how we made this townhouse style place into our own home.

It has been a busy time for us and between school, working full time and sewing projects the blog has taken a back seat.  I will try to keep up more often!


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