Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Spotlight

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This is our very first Sunday Spotlight. We're looking forward to many more Sunday Spotlights to come and hope you are too.

Char from Crap I've Made (L-O-V-E the name by the way) is a super talented mom of four. Her blog is quite entertaining and she is filled with knowledge on a wide variety of crafty subjects.

Check out this adorable Ruffle Butt Onesie.....
(You can see her tutorial via a guest post on Ucreate where she won the 2009 Tutorial of the Year award!)

Here is her Super Easy Apron tutorial. It's made from a dish towel!

This Ruffled Camera Strap is too cute to pass up....

And here's my personal favorite.... The Appliqued Tie Onesie....

This cute little onesie almost makes me want to have another baby. Almost....

So congratulations on checking out your very first Sunday Spotlight. I hope you've enjoyed it. I know I have.


  1. this is so much fun! I'm totally going to follow along b/c I *need* another blog to distract me from actually getting stuff done!

  2. just getting back into sewing here. glad to see one of my fav bloggers spotlighted...i also added to my favoites because i have no life.
    (unless you count my family, my volunteer work, napping, eating...)

  3. Great blog idea! I love Crap I've Made - glad to see that Char is the first spotlight! And I have the same problem...more time spent looking at what others have done than actually doing something myself! :)

  4. Char and her blog are awesome. Great idea for a new one!!

  5. Char is certainly a favorite of mine! Yippeee to your for spotlighting this very talented woman. ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  6. Char is a rockstar! Hey, I just rhymed!

  7. another blog that I really shouldn't follow. But I know I will. there all so addicting. ;) welcome to the blog world!

  8. so glad that you featured Char. what a creative woman!

  9. thanks. will definitely be trying out the appliqued tie onesie tutorial!

  10. awesome idea for a blog. And Char is pretty much amazing.

  11. you guys, just tried it and that appliqued tie onesie is super easy!


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