Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dish Cloth into a Bib?

Yep it is a reality and Mariesa from Ten Cow Chick has proof it is possible!

She has a great tutorial with pictures to guide you along the way so you can make it yourself too.  For her first tutorial I give it 10 thumbs up and I am excited to see what else she does.

PS Isn't the length awesome!  Bibs are cute but some are so short that it doesn't catch everything.

I know it is just Thursday but I can't wait for Saturdays.  I spend them sewing now and can't wait to share my projects with you.  Check out our page link on the top bar called Our Sewing to keep up with what we are working on.


  1. I'm doing some sewing today!

    A whirly, twirly skirt for my little girl and refashion a vintage square table center for my sewing machine cover.

    I hope it turns out. If it does, I'll post pics on "Our Sewing" page.

    on of the Sew It To Me Duo

  2. Thanks for featuring my blog. I just had a baby on Tuesday - but I'll see if I cant get a linkup to your site later. Thanks again!


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