Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Spotlight

Another week means...another Sunday Spotlight!  

This week the light is on Carrie from This Mama Makes Stuff.  Crafting and sewing is just one of the many parts of her blog as she is one busy mom!  Just reading her blog and seeing all she accomplishes motivates me to get moving, stay active and get crafty!  I just know if I can accomplish a tenth of what she does I maybe will make it to crafter heaven in the end :)

Check out her answers from her interview below!


1.  Do you have any other hobbies besides sewing?
When I'm not using my spare time for sewing, you can usually find me mountain biking or running.
2.  Name two sewing/craft blogs you frequent.
-I love Soule Mama. She reminds me to slow down, enjoy the process and capture the beauty. She is also my hero when it comes to raising kids in a creative environment.  
-And you can't miss Dana from Made. Her blog is craft & sewing eye candy. 
-And finally, Wardrobe Refashion is a blog that completely changed the way I view clothing. It opened my eyes up to the wonderful world of refashioning and I can't thank the creator, Nikki, enough.
3.  When did you first start sewing and why?
My mother taught me how to sew when I was very young because she felt it was a skill everyone should have.  But, it was in high school that I really took to it.  I somehow talked my mother, who has no formal sewing or pattern making instruction, into making a few of the prom dresses I designed (instead of paying attention in class).  By my senior year, she told me I needed to start making them myself (I think the pressure to please a teenager had finally gotten to her).  That's when i really learned to sew.  It was a means to an end because I wanted to see my designs come to life and my mom no longer wanted to be my sewer.
4.  What is one of your favorite sewing creations? 
Can you choose just one?  It's like asking me to pick my favorite child.  Some of my favorites include:  My refashioned Christmas Cocktail dress, refashioned Easter Dress from vintage floral sheet for my daughter, refashioned Christening Dress from wedding dress and 2009 Halloween costumes: Elphaba & the flying Monkey.  
(a sneak peak of her favorites, check out the rest below!)
5.  What inspires your sewing creations?
For the past four years, the majority of my sewing has been focused on refashioning.  I love perusing thrift stores, garage sales, estate sales, or even the cast offs of my own closet and letting the linens and clothing speak to me.  I know it might sound a little crazy, but I honestly feel like they tell me what they want to be in their next life.  I guess you could call me the Clothing Whisperer. :)    (We will!)
6.  What is your dream vacation spot and why?
These last few years, I have been dreaming of a mountain bike vacation either in the mountains of Italy or the jungles of Costa Rica.

Here are some of her favorites she mentioned above.

One of my favorites was the handkerchief tutorial.  We have one of Grandma Fran's and my mom has some left from Nana Eva (who I am named after) so if we have a girl these will be made and worn :)

These appliqued burp clothes are a must make!

To get off the baby theme, I hope we have a need to make one of these in our future and with a great tutorial, it will be easier!

Here are a few other tutorials Carrie has posted that are easy to follow and sew cute!

(I now know what to do with all of Mike's old shirts!)

With all the great ideas just from Carrie I could be sewing for weeks!  Maybe I can convince the husband that staying home and sewing is better than working...

I loved seeing Carrie refashion a wedding dress into a blessing/christening gown.  I did my first last spring for a friend and reused the beads from her bustle and the buttons from the back.   It wasn't too hard and if I make another I will create a tutorial.  

Have a great week and be sure to keep following.  We would love to see your own creations and projects! Send the link or pictures to: 


  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes! I did have a great one, rain and all. I love This Mama Makes Stuff. I've had her art caddy tutorial bookmarked forever. But I was lazy and bought one. Do you know she also makes the best journals for kids? I'm giving one away on my other blog, ABC & 123 during our two week birthday celebration.

  2. Thanks for the tip. We are going to check out the journals too! She has so many great ideas we could be busy for years!


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