Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dyeing for Thursday!

My favorite class in design school was fabric design and I currently have a good stash of fabric dyes and paints.  One project I worked on had me dyeing 150 shirts four different colors.  That was a lot of fun and left my hands very interesting colors for days.

But I also know dyeing fabric is overwhelming the first time (and can be disastrous).  I have some of my worse ones in a hidden box somewhere.  I call it the box of shame.  These tutorials would have been very handy back then.

Blue Eyed Freckle has some great tips for dyeing.

See how cute they turn out!


  1. Thanks for putting me on here! I am honored:) I am putting the button up today!

  2. You are welcome! And we are honored to have you on here- we love your style and you blog!


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