Monday, April 5, 2010

My Spotlight Monday

Hmm. . .  I think I am going to do a guessing game for today's spotlight. 

Let's see how good you are. . .  here are four hints.

1. She just recently gave birth to a little boy.
2. Part of her blog name is an animal's call.
3. She was listed in Quilter's Home Magazine as one of 55 Rad Blogs!
4.  Her puzzle pockets were previously featured on our blog.  (If you click on the link, you are a cheater!)

And if you didn't guess from these four hints, read the interview below for more clues.

1. When did you first start sewing and why?

I've always sewn a little tiny bit, mostly I made ugly pajama pants that never fit and doll clothes, but I didn't start quilting and really sewing until almost 2 years ago. My Mom is an amazing sewer, so I think she was always secretly wishing I would pick it up.

2. Name two sewing blogs you frequent.

I love Nettie's color sense at, she was one of the reasons I started quilting. I also love Camille's traditional but modern taste (and her photography) at

3. Do you have one thing that inspires you?

I don't think I have just one thing that inspires me, but I do love a good walkthrough at Anthropologie to get my creative senses going or ideas.

4. When you are not sewing, what do you do?

When I'm not sewing I'm usually doing something boring like housework, unless its warm outside and you'll usually find us at a park or river throwing rocks. Pretty much I follow my 3 year old around.

5. What store do you shop at the most (not including groceries)?

Target....hands down. I secretly use as much toilet paper as possible so I can have more excuses to go to Target. Mostly just to walk around with popcorn and a diet coke and look at everything.

6. Anything else you want to add?

Sewing has brought so much joy to my life and has been my stress reliever over the past year. There are so many good resources that are free online, I hope that other people and especially younger Mom's like me will take advantage of them and start bringing the art of quilting back!


Did you guess yet?

My Spotlight Monday is Allison from Cluck.Cluck.Sew.

I fell in love with her blog name the first time I read it because I could just imagine a "mother hen" clucking around the house and then sitting down to sew.

And then I fell in love with her sewing and quilting.

I love that quilting is becoming a passion for younger generations.  I remember watching my mom quilt as a child, but it has always intimidated me.  I've spent countless hours searching for a quilt to put on our queen size bed.  Quilts have a certain charm about them and they make me happy.

I have yet to find a quilt for my bedroom.  Perhaps I will get brave and make one myself.  Good thing Allison has posted some super cute quilting tutorials, which have been added to my list of "Things To Sew".

First on the list is her Raw Edge Circle Quilt
I think it's perfect for when we move our little girl into a twin bed.

This Orange Quilt is the quilt I'd like to make for our master bedroom (In blue. . .  I love orange, but my hubby likes it when our room doesn't look too girly.).

And here is another popular quilt pattern on her blog.

Allison doesn't spend all of her time sewing quilts.  Here are some other great projects.

If you have scraps left over from fabric you love, here is a super cute idea.

And as a two time mom, I love her changing pad & wipes tutorial.  So handy to have them combined.

Allison is an inspiration to begin quilting. 

If she can do it with a newborn and a 3 year old, I can at least try.  Right?!


  1. Thanks girls!!! I am adding the button to my blog and I just added the spotlight info to today's post. Thanks!

  2. i love cluck. cluck. sew too! so much inspiration there! i just need more time in the day. :)

  3. I love Cluck.Cluck.Sew, three! I love reading her latest postings late at night (like now) right before I go to bed. Thanks for posting the interview and links.

  4. Cluck.Cluck.Sew is the reason I became brave enough to venture from small baby quilts to my first king size quilt! I am a young mom & wish there were more young girls learning to quilt these days. If you've done any sewing, you should jump in a try a quilt! You'll be surprised how easy it is.

  5. How can you not love Cluck.Cluck.Sew?! So glad for the comments!

    And Francis, thanks for the encouragement. I've been thinking about it constantly, so I know I will be sitting down when I get the time to plan it out. But feel free to continue with the encouragement! :)


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