Sunday, April 4, 2010

New Day, New Name

Happy Easter.

I am so grateful for today- to celebrate Easter and for the time I get to spend with my two beautiful children and my sweetheart.  My family is my life.  My joy.

As family is so important to myself and to Eva, we've decided to no longer do the Sunday Spotlight.  Sunday will be our "day of rest" to spend time with family.  In case you are panicking right now (because we know the Sunday Spotlight is so awesome!), we are simply moving it to a new day with a new name:

My Spotlight Monday

Monday is our biggest day in Blog Land, so why not put our biggest post on the same day?!  It's going to be even more awesomer.  more awesome.  or some word like that.

And one more change. . .

Friday will be our Fun Friday- a day we can post whatever our little hearts desire;  it might be Cool Comments from Cool Readers, a sewing item we just had to sew ourselves or some other really rad ideas we have up our sleeves. 

Be prepared!

Sew (hehe- never gets old), if any of you are interested, here is how our weeks will run:

My Spotlight Monday
Tuesday (regular sewing feature)
Wallet Wednesday
Thursday (regular sewing feature)
Fun Friday
No Sew Saturday

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for our "My Spotlight Monday"!

And have a fabulous Easter.

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