Monday, April 12, 2010

My Spotlight Monday

It's time for another My Spotlight Monday
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and now...Resweater!

Why you ask?  Because of the fabulous ideas and creativity from Kris at Resweater.

All of these great projects have one thing in common, can you guess what it is?

They are all made of recycled wool!  I just love all the awesome things Kris creates out of wool.  What a great way to reuse fabric, save money and keep fabric from being unused!

Here are some fun facts and information about Kris.

1.  When did you first start sewing and why?
Since I can remember, I was always able to sew by hand, but was not allowed to touch my mom's machine as a girl. I took home ec classes as well, but it wasn't until about 2 years ago, when a neighbor gave me their sewing machine, that I really started sewing. I sew daily now, because it is relaxing to me. It's my mental bubble bath :)

2.  Name two sewing blogs you frequent.
Confessions Of A Sewing Dork - - is by far my favorite sewing blog. Not only does she come up with some fabulous creations, but she cracks me up with her funny writing style, and is a real peach!

For the second, it's tied between all the other sewing blogs I follow. I love them all, and have learned a little from each one.

3.  Do you have one thing that inspires you?

Yes, my 4 year old son Jack. I discovered recycled wool through his cloth diaper covers, and was hooked after that. My son inspires me to be a better person, to live greener, and live simpler.

4.  When you are not sewing, what do you do?
I love to resale shop (garage sales, thrift stores), hang out with my son, bike ride, do puzzles (Sodoku, etc.), camp, play softball, fish, garden, and learn new ways to be greener.

5.  What is your favorite movie?
It's a tie between the Sound of Music & It's a Wonderful Life.

6.  And anything else you want to add!
I love recycled wool! In addition to my Artfire shop, where I sell wool & cashmere sweaters for upcycling, I have a blog full of great ideas, tutorials, and feature great artists & crafters that work with recycled wool. I make things out of the recycled wool as well, for my family & friends, and to sell at fiber fairs. Felted wool is such a great medium to work with. It doesn't require seams once it is felted, because the edges will not unravel. Wool is natural, insulating, fire retardant, biodegradable, breathable, hypoallergenic, resists the growth of bacteria & mold, and it wicks away moisture to keep you cool & dry when worn.

Kris included three great links to her original tutorials using recycled wool.

Need a new pajama top for your child? Find the tutorial for this cute idea HERE.

Smelly drawers no more with there cute and super easy sachets!

This tissue holder is a great gift idea, birthdays, holidays or just because.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and is enjoying Monday even if it means work, school and responsibility :)

PS I posted some items I have sewn finally :)

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