Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gifts + Baby Shower=Cupcakes!

I could just eat up today's post! 

I absolutely love the baby shower gift box idea that Gillian from All the Small Things shared recently.  Not only a cute packaging idea but the gifts themselves are all arranged together to look like 4 yummy and colorful cupcakes!  Check out the tutorials and instructions for your very own A Cupcake of a Shower Gift.

All boxed up and ready for delivery!
Too bad fabric doesn't taste like an actual cupcake :(

I know I will be using this tutorial for an upcoming baby shower in June for a dear friend due 6 weeks before me.  Thanks Gillian!

It looks close but it seems our readers all ate too much Easter candy this year :)  So did I!
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  1. The poll is kinda tricky as I will prewash some fabrics, while others I don't...So yes, but only sometimes.


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