Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wallet Wednesday

Today I am feeling Dino-riffic!  

I purchased the fabric for our baby boy's bedding!  It was a hunt to find fabric that we both liked.  While Dinosaurs isn't our theme (we aren't really theme/decorating people-more on that another day) but we are loving finding things that will bring more dinosaurs into the mix for his room, clothes and toys.

This organizer bin from Baffin Bags is on my nursery wish list :)

This is definitely a rip roaring dino onesie fit for any baby (made by Happy Family)!

I know Mike would have a hard time giving this brontosaurus stuffed animal by Up To My Elbows to the baby.

This memory game from Ice Purple Penguin is a fun way to teach children about dinosaurs!

Even boys need to have shoes for every occasion.  These booties by FunkyShapes would be perfect for the"just because I can" days :)

I hope you had fun on our rip roaring, dino-tastic shopping trip today.  I know we did!


Be sure to check tomorrow for information on another great giveaway we heard about and wanted to share with you!  
Don't worry our first Sew It To Me give away and thank you to our readers is in the works :)


  1. I LOVE that organizer bin, too cute!

  2. Ooh, those are all sooooo cute. And everyonet thinks it's not fun to dress up little boys.


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