Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wallet Wednesday

I have fun thinking of themes for my virtual shopping trips.

This week I decided to look for placemats. 

I have a pattern for placemats and I really need new placemats- the kind you can wipe down the messes from spilled milk and sticky fingers.

I absolutely had to put this one first.  Isn't it genius?
I want one for myself to play with when on those rare occassions I don't have to cook.
Custom Kids has all sorts of fun stuff.

Ooh, and look at this adorable, reversible, oilcloth placemat by Modern June.

And I really need some of these wipeable placemats.  They are perfect.
I'd love to have a family of four with each one customized for each member of our family.  Burpie Bundles does custom orders too!

And this activity placemat would be super fun to have on hand for . . .  well, all the time.
Check out Gel Design's shop for more great options.

That is about it.

I'm all worn out from shopping

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