Thursday, May 6, 2010

Accessories to Hold

My favorite accessory of all time:
Purses, Bags, Totes

They go by many names, but perhaps my undying love stems from my organizing fetish.
Organize in style and I'm a happy woman.

If you are a mom, you need a wet bag.
This wet bag by A Lemon Squeezy Home even matches my current purse.
(I wish I'd had one of these during potty training.)

See the Wet Bag?

See my Purse?

Oilcloth.  I love it, but have yet to sew with it.
Perhaps the stash I have would be perfect for this coin purse by Freshly Pickled.

Made By Lex is an up and coming designer.  It's been fun to follower her blog.
Her pleated purse is a must see.

This next bag is for the beach and it is by Fireflies and Jellybeans.
It's made from a shower curtain!

Every sewing mama needs one of these Felt Needle Books by Little Birdie Secrets.
They are just so adorable!
(Mom, if you are reading this. . . act surprised if you get one of these for Mother's Day.)

Maybe we'll have to do one whole week just on purses, bags, etc.
They are so fun!

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