Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Baby Needs

Happy Hump Day!  Only four more days of school.  :)

Instead of Wallet Wednesday, I have a question about what to buy.

Eva has three months before she has her first baby.
It's countdown time.

As a mom, what items do you think are an absolute must have for new baby?

What items aren't necessary, but sure make life great?

I've already given Eva my answers (when I went with her to register!), so what do you think?



  1. Everyday clothes that you don't mind getting dirty. People usually give really cute clothes and those first few months get messy. Also necessities like baby wipes and diapers are nice. As well as someone to physically help you with everyday things that you'll be too tired to do (cleaning, cooking, watching the baby so you can shower and nap).

  2. I got a little swing, and it was a miracle. He was safe, secure, and happy.
    Don't fall for the bottle sanitizer because your dishwasher will sanitize bottles and they have little "baskets" that hold the nipples etc. I think we used the bottle cleaner thing about 3 times.
    Definitely gas drops are a lifesaver.
    And finally, a pilates ball! When our son was inconsolable, we would hold him and just bounce a little on the ball and he would usually calm right down. Plus I could try to switch it up to get in a tiny bit of a workout to try getting that baby weight off. :)
    Yay for a new baby! Congratulations!!

  3. Congratulations on the baby! I got the fisher-price newborn rock and play after reading the reviews. I'm not a huge fan of gadgets and just had my forth (and last baby) 9 weeks ago. I bit the bullet and bought it when she was three weeks old because she was an awful sleeper. She was only sleeping about 2 hours at a time at night then I put her in it and she immediately went to sleeping 6 hours. She has been going 7-8 hours at a time for the past month or so. Here is a link with the reviews at toyrus but you can generally get a better deal on amazon. Good luck!

  4. Burp rags, diapers and a lot of love. That's all a baby NEEDS. A bouncy seat is useful to though.


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