Wednesday, May 26, 2010

In the Kitchen for Wallet Wednesday

The husband has been enjoying the chance to use the phrase "pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen" for me,  and between cleaning and cooking after my work day that usually describes me.  I just need to look a tad more cute so the best way to do that is to find cute aprons!

I love the colors and cneckline of the vintage inspired aprons from Boojiboo but this modern tree apron is my favorite!
Not a collector of aprons like our family?  The His & Her Reversible Apron from Daffodillies is a great apron to have in your kitchen.

You don't have to be a cooking fan to have rock a great apron.  Here is an adorable craft apron by audzipan designs that serves two purposes: cute and functional!

I absolutely LOVE how simple but sweet this Black and White Damask half apron is.  What a cute way to cook and perfect to "accidently" still wear with unexpected guests.  The talent behind this is Wonderland Avenue.

Last, this apron is for any woman with a little animal inside them.  Check out the fun jaguar print apron by Elsie's Flat.

I hope you enjoyed today's shopping trip as much as I do!  Now there may be a barefoot, pregnant AND cute lady in the kitchen!

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