Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Peak into Our Lives

This is what Vanessa and I did this weekend...

I have to say I am a bit bummed to realize we didn't get a cuter picture of the two of us together...maybe Vanessa will post the one of us from this morning....maybe not or I should say hopefully not.  I do have some cute ones of us separate.  Being limited in movement makes it harder to make sure you take photos with people.

It was a blast having her down for the weekend for the D family reunion and she was very helpful in helping us get ready for our little one's arrival since it may be sooner than we expected.  I will let her explain the picture and yes that is Vanessa's baby but not our Sew It To Me Vanessa :)  

Happy Sewing Everyone.  
I would love to see projects you have completed since I am a bit limited right now in how much I sew and do right now!

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