Friday, August 6, 2010

Blog Leave

Eva and I have decided to take a "blog leave" for a month or two.  With the birth of her first (and extremely adorable) baby, she has her hands full. 

As for me, I recently starting working from home four hours a day and that keeps me very busy; especially when you throw my two children and housework into the mix.

We are both very sad we don't  have the time for our sewing hobby, but hopefully life will slow down, or at least run smoother in a few months.

I surely hope I will find some time to get my sewing machine out.  This blog has gotten me over my fear of sewing.  I don't want to quit and be too afraid to start up again.

On pins and needles until next time,
Vanessa & Eva


  1. im so sad but i understand. sometimes life is busy. take care until you blog again!

  2. I'll miss you but totally understand. Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging.

  3. real life is often more important than blogging. We will be here when you return!


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