Friday, February 11, 2011

Slowly getting back...

Wow.  I haven't done much since July and I miss sewing. I made some great last minute projects before Ed's early arrival (nursing cover, car seat cover, burp cloths) and then went into a sewing hiatus.  I love being a mom and it has been quite a journey these last 6 1/2 months.  Our Ed has had a rough start but he is healthy now and has a wonderful and happy disposition. Instead of sewing my life has beeen doctors, insurance and now baby food making outside of working full time.  Thankfully since we have figured out and had resolutions to Ed's issues I am getting back to sewing and will soon have my own sewing space again (did I mention we moved Jan 1?)

1st project will be to finish his baby quilt since he is a blanket baby.  He loves having a blanket to snuggle with at night.

2nd is the baby care package for the newest baby to join our extended family.  Our goal is to have cute boy things to send by May for his June arrival.

3rd is going to be fun.  One of my girls (okay young single adult from church) is going to get married in July and wanted me to add sleeves to her wedding dress.  I am anti adding sleeves, especially with her style of dress so we are going to be doing a fun jacket/cover-up.  Her dress is beautiful and I have the perfect cover-up idea that I know she will love.  I will be sure to post pictures! I am especially excited about this since I have had 4 of my girls get married from July to January and between the pregnancy/bedrest and Ed's health issues I have had to decline making wedding dresses/bridesmaid gowns and even missed their weddings :(

So by March 1st I hope to be back to being a sewing queen and Sew It To Me more often.

PS I get to see my Sew It To Me partner next weekend!  It will be awesome to see her again (last time was October 2010)!

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  1. EvaMarieva,
    I love that you know about the Tim Tam Slam. So yummy. Especially over the holidays.
    Welcome back to the blogging world. Can't wait to see all the sewing projects you have in the works. Especially the jacket for the wedding dress.
    Congrats on your little boy.


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