Saturday, January 26, 2013

Updates, New Directions and More

As there always is in life, there have been changes in mine.  Big changes.  Changes like moving to a new town two days after Christmas.  Boy was that fun!  Working full time as a school teacher, packing up a house, planning for Christmas and all while my husband was working in a different state for the past five months.  But we are now living together again.  Yay!  And the whole family is loving it.  With the move, I was able to become a SAM again, which freed me up time to start blogging once more.  Sweet.

I just got off of the phone with my coauthor, Eva, and we've come up with some great new ideas.  We'll post about them in the next little while when we firm things up and have the best ideas for our readers.  Fun and exciting things are coming your way!  I can hardly wait!

On another note, my sweet husband gave me a Nook Tablet.  No, not the HD, but the other one.  Lucky me, the HD was released one week after my birthday.  Even so, I still love it! 

I could go on and on about all the great things, but I wanted to share one app that I absolutely adore and saves my life when it comes to meal time.  Pepperplate is my best friend.  I put all those yummy looking recipes I find into Pepperplate, pull the ingredients into my shopping list when I want to cook it and then make it a favorite if I like it or delete it if I don't.  Super easy.  Super convenient.  Two of my favorite things.  Check it out!

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