Monday, January 28, 2013

Back into blogging

Yes it is true we are getting back into the blogging world. Working full time and trying to maintain a semi decent home, make meals and be a wife and a mom was a big adjustment. I love it and while I do have moments where I wish I was a SAM I am glad I have had this opportunity to work because.....

The husband graduated college!

It was a 7 year journey and the arrival of Hagberg (not our sons real name) made for same tough choices but he did it! He graduated in December 2012 with his BA in Music Composition. Feel free to check out his site if you are interested in modern classical music, need a composer for a project or just want to build his daily hits and inflate his ego :)

I have done some sewing and other projects, just didn't blog and even stopped the personal family blog a while back too. I am excited to get back into it and also have an excuse to spend more time with Vanessa and maybe even take a trip to her new place!

I guess it is the newish mom in me but I love seeing my boy grow and he is 2 and a half today. So you get an anecdote to celebrate us surviving half of the terrible twos. Yesterday he put his T-Rex in time out because the T-Rex was being a messy eater at the table. Then Hagberg ate the dinosaurs jelly beans, but only two because T Rex was going to get them after his time out....but we really know what happened to the rest of them...

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