Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cell Phone Protection

I must own a sturdy cell phone.  It is part of my rules of life.  This rule was created when my husband noticed how often I drop my phone; thankfully I have only broken one so far.  That may change since I took a leap and got what is considered a "smart" phone, aka very fragile.  This Cell Phone Cozy from Sew Fun! is going to save my phone from an untimely and early death.

A great idea that my phone (and husband) are very excited about!


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  1. LOVE it!!! I might have to have one of those!! I'll keep you posted!! Great job Eva! :o)

  2. dropping cell phones is everyday around my house. however, when I bounced mine off of the dock and into the lake last year, that was a new low for me. (yes, it still worked & I'm still using it)

    I really should consider a cozy for mine.


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