Monday, March 1, 2010

Maternity Refashions

I remember my husband's Grandmother (aka Grams) telling stories of when she was expecting and how you hid your pregnancy with large coats and tent-like dresses.  Grams passed away in May 2009 at 86 years old and is missed daily, so I love these moments when I relive her stories.  Today's creation brought back these memories and made me wonder what she would think about us expecting our first child and her opinion on the clothing styles available today.  
That said, you have to check out the refashion of a dress shirt by Homemade by Jill.

This teaser is just the "before" picture so you will want to check out her post to see the finished product.  Grams was quite the fashionista and would have loved it.  I don't have any reason not to look cute pregnant now!

PS Today marks one more year added to my life.  27 looks like a great year of fun sewing projects and new adventures.

Pssst. . . .  This is Vanessa. 

Hopefully Eva doesn't catch this addition to her post before it publishes.  Her note above is her trying to be subtle about today being her birthday. 

Eva is a true friend.  She's always concerned about my happiness and is one of the few I can count on for anything.  We laugh, we cry and I look forward to many more memories.  Thank you for starting this blog adventure with me Eva.

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Happy Birthday Eva!

Here's a little pig (your fav) from afar.

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