Sunday, February 3, 2013

35 Big Ones!

So my husband turned 35 today and we made it a weekend extravaganza of fun!  We had a fun day visiting LA with Hagberg and then finished it by having a relaxing day at home eating yummy food and enjoying being a family.  He got his wish and I am officially playing Minecraft with him.  It was his birthday gift and if it makes me more of a geek than I accept the title with pride.

One place we did go was to Griffith Park and the memories of being a kid came rushing back.  My parents instilled a love of LA and while many may see a graffiti and busy city I love being there (except for traffic, I don't embrace that).  We ventured to Travel Town so Hagberg could see the "big trains" up close and I spent some time working on macro photography and capturing priceless moments of a Dad taking his son to see the trains, just as my Dad took me (well his daughter) to see the trains years ago.

I think the husbands highlight was the Tahitian Fish Salad though.  He doesn't ask for it often and thanks to great neighbors who lent us the kitchen utensils we needed (I have no idea where our shredder went) it was a success to us adults and a resounding "yucky" for Hagberg...maybe next year...

Hope everyone had fun watching the Super Bowl and all the treats and good food it comes with!

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