Monday, February 4, 2013

Plumtickled February

February is a fun month that brings birthdays, holidays, vacation time and our first month of the Plumtickled Create Craft Club!

So for this first month we both found cute ideas we wanted to try from the very talented duo at Crae's Creations.

Their focus is now more so on cakes (and they are gorgeous, but more on that later) but we found two fun crafts that we both wanted to share and try with everyone.

Vanessa chose the easy and cute Lanyard Tutorial.  Before making the big move to Utah, Vanessa was a teacher at a private school in Nevada and this would have come in handy then but will be so helpful now for her gym membership.   She received one from the gym when they signed up but it lacks the necessary cute factor we ladies need if we are required to wear it!  It would be a perfect teacher appreciation gift or something that every mom or kid could find a use for.  My son is obsessed with keys and he would wear it constantly!

I chose the Valentine's Topiary.  I have always wanted to try making one and actually hope to put a spin on it and make it a seasonal topiary that you can switch out the top piece as you change your decorations.  My goal is to have the Valentine's done and on my craft night make one for St. Patrick's Day.  I may not decorate much for other seasons but St. Patrick's Day is huge for my Irish family!  

Follow the tutorial's list of materials needed and if there are any clarifications we will be sure to post them in a few days.  The date of the local Craft Day is Saturday, February 23rd and please try and post your pictures and link to our Plumtickled Party by Monday, February 25th.  

So we hope you will join in on our inaugural month of the Plumtickled Create Craft Club!

Eva & Vanessa

P.S. Please message us through our email account if you are interested in attending our local Plumtickled events.  Vanessa is now in Utah and Eva is in Southern California.  Bring your materials and we will bring the fun and be there to help anyone out!  

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