Thursday, February 28, 2013

Better Late than Never...February Plumtickled Create by Eva

I am posting this 3 days later than I wanted but we have had a sick Hagberg and some long nights so I have been sleeping as much as I can in between working and staying up with him.

I think I knew this month was a doozy so I forgot to create a Facebook invite and remind people so my craft night ended up being an early night in and The Hubby and Hagberg helped me finish it.  I loved doing it but will definitely make sure to send out reminders and already have at least one person excited for next months Plumtickled Event here in Southern California.

I really love how my felt flower topiary turned out and got a huge compliment when my M-I-L the queen of crafts and decorating asked to borrow it for an event next week that is St. Patrick's Day themed.

Here are the materials I picked up.  I didn't get a chance to go shopping twice so I opted for the make your own topiary rather than spend more and get a pre-made styrofoam one.  

Here is the cost breakdown of the materials.  If you have time to plan I definitely recommend picking the pricier items up one by one and using the coupons you get from signing up online to your local craft stores or their mailers.  If you are an iPhone or iPad user you can get the apps and they have weekly coupons you can pull up and the cashiers will scan it form your device.

1 - 6 inch styrofoam ball  $5.99
1 - wooden dowel $0.25 (but it came in a set of four so it was $1 total)
1 - square 3x3 inch styrofoam piece for the base $2.49
8 - 9x12 pieces of green felt (you can get 12 - 3 inch circles from each) $0.34 each piece
2 - 9x12 pieces of yellow felt $0.34 per piece
1 - 4 inch clay pot $1.29
1 - foam glue $4.99  (I didn't have any for strofoam and do recommend getting something that you know works and will hold)
1 - box of pins, 250 total $3.49 (I didn't want to use up my sewing stash of pins)
1 - 4 oz bag of spanish moss $2.49 (I have a ton left over so it can be used for a future project
1 - roll of White satin ribbon $3.49 (I only used 10 inches so there is plenty for a future project)
1 - roll of apple green 7/8 inch ribbon (I used 24 inches or so and there is plenty left for future projects)
Total cost: $31.37

I followed the tutorial and did move around some of my fabric pins once I figured out what pattern I liked. I ended up cutting out 120 circles and if you want a fuller looks I would recommend 12-24 more.  All in all the project took about 2-3 hours but I could do it in 1- 1 1/2 again.  I am planning on making a topiary piece for Easter so I am keeping the base and will use a purple bow on the base and have a separate "topiary" piece with coordinating purple ribbon on the dowel or "trunk."  I would love to be able to swap out the top piece and trunk for each season (summer, fall, Christmas....) Plus the Hubby and Hagberg love it so it is here to stay.  Hagberg likes it to much he smells "his flowers" as he calls them each day in the morning.

As a bonus here is the craft I had Hagberg work on that same day.  It was a lot of fun to have him interested in working on a project as I was trying to figure out my own.  The painted bird house has a place of honor in his bedroom.  Everything was $3 plus tax.

 I hope your February was as fun for you as it was for Vanessa and I!


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