Saturday, February 23, 2013

Utah's Plumtickled Create February

The first Plumbtickled Create Craft Club day in Utah is over.  I had so much fun and enjoyed the company of some very talented, funny and beautiful women.  And it was just what this poor girl needed.  My husband has been out of town for two weeks and some girly conversation brightened my day.  Good company and sewing . . .  what more could you ask for!
We all made the lanyards from Crae's Creations.  Her full tutorial can be found here.
We decided to cut out our lanyards anywhere between 40" to 50".  The tutorial didn't give specifics, but we all like different lengths, right?  So we went with the long look.

Here's a look at our sewing fun!
Cutting out the material for our lanyards.
 Ironing the folds.
Sewing it all together!

The finished projects!  My friend made two (she's an amazing seamstress) and I made one for my Little Monkey.
 I knew my kiddos would want to work on something while we were sewing, so a few weeks back I picked up this stain glass window from Melissa & Doug at a little toy shop in town.  It's kind of a paint-by-number thing, but you place stickers instead.  Pretty cool too!  Little Monkey decided it would be perfect right next to her kitchen in her playroom under the stairs.

Showing off the craft.

Busy baking while peeking out her new window!

Little Monkey's and my lanyard all ready to go!  Let's hit the gym!

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