Friday, March 1, 2013

Loving 30!

I have to say I have an amazing husband who went above and beyond making me feel special for this birthday.  I know some people feel birthdays are for children but I love making the Hubby feel special each year and when mine comes a month later we always do something but they tend to be simple events/dinners or just family time.  He is an extremely talented composer and great husband and father but he isn't a party planner or secret coordinator extraordinaire   You realize that after 12 years and so he was clear in asking "What would you like to celebrate the new decade" and I gave him a few ideas. He knocked it out of the park and I was able to spend the last day of my 20's being pampered at a local day spa with a friend.  Yeah I tried finding a way to whisk Vanessa out here but life wouldn't coordinate it so we have a IOU and will be doing something amazingly fun when we are able to get together again.

I may regret it but here I am, aka Mud Woman.  

I really recommend saving up and just trying it once if you are from Southern California or are coming to visit.  It was a fun day of relaxation and feeling special!  Plus the Mud area was so much fun and it didn't stain my bathing suit.  It is like you are 4 again and it is okay to get dirty and muddy, with no mom yelling at you to get cleaned up. :)

Vanessa-I am going to take you here one day I promise!

*I was not paid to advertise, I just really loved my birthday gift!


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