Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine Pretzel Buttons and Utah's Plubtickled Create Craft Club

I spent part of the day yesterday making these Valentine Pretzel Buttons for 10 cute girls I teach twice a month for my calling at church.
(Original picture taken from creator's website.)

This little monkey helped me make the treats.  I wouldn't let her have any of the Hershey Hugs (I needed all of them) so she came up with her own creation. 
(Can you tell she's missing a tooth?  On the bottom.  Her first one!  She wouldn't let us pull it out, and in the midst of all the usual chaos in our home, she started screaming, "My tooth is missing!"  Luckily, we found it on the stairs.  What do you give the tooth fairy if you loose the tooth??)
I found these cute little snack cups in the Valentine's section at Walmart.  It would have taken a lot of ingredients and time to make enough buttons to fill these babies and they really don't need that much sugar, so I filled the bottoms up with the square pretzels and then layered about 8 buttons on the top.  Won't they be surprised!
On another note, I've been planning the Plumbtickled Create Craft Club here where I live.  It will be on Saturday, February 23rd at 1:00 p.m.
I'll be doing the lanyard and again you can find the tutorial here.  I love that she uses a lobster clasp because I can hook and unhook my keys to the lanyard when I go to the gym. 
You can also come and do the craft Eva chose or just come and hang out! I don't mind. I'm sure I'll come up with some yummy treats we can munch on or you can just go through my pantry . . . .
I will have my sewing machine out (if you have one you can bring, that'll help) and any material and thread I have on hand.  I will be checking Walmart in the next few days for a D-ring and lobster clasp.  If you'd rather not run and pick them up, let me know and I'll get some for you if I find them.
I'm looking forward to sewing, crafting, yummy food and good memories!

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