Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Box or House?

We met our goal and were finally ably to get a grill for our patio.  When we moved we didn't take the grill from the house so we have definitely missed going out and grilling our dinner (my Dad says you can't say you BBQ unless you are from TX or one of the other southern states famous for it).  Hagberg is now at the age where a box isn't just a box and we love it!

Here is our first version of a Box or House.  I know as he gets older it will get more elaborate, painted/decorated but I decided to keep it simple for now.  As it is, he did take one of the Hubby's mechanical pencils and poke holes in all over the top to let more light in and has since started to peel off the picture of the grill where he can. As you can see he kind of likes it....he slept in it for 5 days straight.

Does anyone else ever make boxes into houses, forts or castles for their kids or relatives?  We would love to see pictures uploaded to our flickr group!


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