Friday, March 8, 2013

Tutu much fun!

It's week was a ton of fun because we got a quick visitor, well visitors, from Wednesday to this morning....yep our humble abode was invaded by my Sew It To Me counterpart Vanessa and family.  It has been almost 18 months since we saw each other last and I can't believe how big her kids have gotten!  I was also really excited for their family to see how big Hagberg has gotten.  He loved playing with his cousins and seeing his Auntie and Uncle.  I especially loved when Cousin D said, we are cousins right and both Vanessa and I said, "yeah, you are."  We are definitely family to each other and I loved seeing the kids play and bond.  Gotta keep the friendships going another generation.

I did get some crafting done this week, as well as sewing too but my project to share today is a fun no sew tutu.  We have friends from up north visiting Disneyland this weekend for their daughter M's birthday.  It is a family affair and tomorrow Hagberg and I are meeting up with them for the character breakfast and to give her a present.  I knew I wanted to make something so I Searched online and found a tutorial and viola finished product is below.  I used about 40 yards of the 6 inch tulle.

I really hope she loves it and I thought it was a quick and fun project.  It's moments like this I wish there was a girl I could have fun with but I am always grateful for my dude and enjoy finding fun boy projects for him.

PS I waited to post since I didn't have the pictures on my computer.  She loved it!


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